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Industrial Composite Curing Ovens

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Composite Curing Oven

Composite Curing Oven, Batch Oven for Industrial Applications

Industrial Composite Curing Ovens

Custom Industrial Ovens, Curing Ovens, Drying Ovens, Batch Ovens, Continuous Ovens

Composite Curing Systems

EPS Ovens provides pre-fabricated and custom designed composite curing ovens tailored to your processing needs. Our ovens provide superior temperature uniformity, quality parts and construction, and reliability in performance making us the first choice in the industry.

With all our products you benefit from years of operational experience, a knowledgable staff, and customer services that provides personalized care.

Benefits and applications of our composite curing systems include:

  • Digital controls
  • Precise temperature ramping
  • Precise temperature distribution
  • Film battery drying
  • Solvent removal
  • Moisture content determination
  • Integrated cirtcuit board processing
  • Dehydration
  • Temperature controlled annealing

Some of the industries that benefit from compostite curing systems include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Materials industries
  • Chemistry labs
  • Mechanical engineering facilities
  • Optical labs
  • Nanotechnology labs

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