Applications for EPS Ovens

Engineered Production Systems has experience with Industrial Oven applications across the full spectrum of heat treat, aging, curing, and bake out processes. Our engineers design batch ovens and continuous ovens for such diverse number of industries we thought it would helpful to list these applications. This list of oven applications is meant to give our customers some perspective of our oven design capabilities, and serves as a custom industrial oven portfolio of sorts. Please Contact Us to discuss your specific workflow and application requirements.

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Custom Industrial Oven Applications

  • Powder Coat Burn-Off
  • Insulation Burn-Off
  • Resin Heating/Holding
  • Thermoform Preheating
  • Thermal Oxidizing (Afterburners)
  • Industrial Ovens with Multiple Door Configurations
  • Combination Bake-Out/Drying

Typical Industrial Curing Oven Applications

Typical Industrial Oven Drying Applications

Typical Bake Out Applications

  • Varnish Bake-Out
  • Wet Paint Bake-Out - Solvent or Water Base
  • Custom Bake-Out Applications per Customer specifications

Typical Heat Treating Applications