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Our Latest Custom Large Car Bottom Annealing Furnace

This car-bottom annealing furnace, designed and built by EPS for a large steel fabricator, is used to anneal large weldments, where the load weight can be up to 7500 lbs. The unit is direct gas fired, with burners high on one side and low on the other, providing a top operating temperature of 1250F. The self-propelled load car rides on rails set in the floor, and is L-Shaped, with its back vertical wall becoming the front of the furnace when the car is driven fully into the chamber. Three control zones allow for a close control over uniformity in the chamber.

We invite you to ask EPS about your next large heat treat furnace requirements. In addition to designing and building large custom furnaces and ovens, we offer a full array of pharmaceutical ovens, as well as small standard lab ovens and laboratory and production heat treat furnaces.

Car Bottom Industrial Furnace for Annealing

Car Bottom Industrial Furnace for Annealing

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