Cascade Tek Forced Air Ovens

The EPS relationship with Cascade Tek has advanced our ability to focus on designing and building customized products for the vacuum and forced air oven markets. Ovens are Built to Your Process.

Bench Top Forced Air Ovens

These ovens come with a turbo assisted airflow design coupled with heavy duty motors that provide exceptional temperature uniformity and quick recovery.With varying sizes and control features, our forced air product line offers several models to choose from. These ovens are perfect for drying and high volume sample applications, and come with features such as adjustable shelves, rear access, independent over-temp protection, soak controllers, and programmable Watlow controllers.

Large Capacity Forced Air Ovens

Large Capacity Forced Air Drying Ovens for Drying, Curing and Burn-In. Ergonomic Design, Easy-View Controls and Added Storage.