SVO-501 Turnkey Oven

Turn-Key Vacuum Drying Oven

The SVO-501 is built to execute your unique bake-out or drying process. Cascade TEK integrates the specific size and type of vacuum pump to minimize drying time.

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Important Oven Features

Oven temperature is controlled via a Watlow programmable ramp and soak controller. (Ask about how it can be configured to automatically execute your vacuum drying process). The SVO also includes a fully independent digital overtemp protection controller. Vacuum is read digitally in Torr or mTorr. Ultimate vacuum levels as low as 20mTorr (pump and gas load dependent). Vacuum and purge hand valves are conveniently located on the front control panel. The purge valve is set up to allow for backfilling with N2 or other inert gas.

Automate Vacuum Oven Process for Easy Operation

The SVO-501 can be automated for simple “push button” execution of your vacuum drying process. Smart relay control automates the opening/closing of the vacuum valves, nitrogen backfill, purging and venting sequences. Alarm conditions notify the operator if the process spec is not being met. Ask about this option.


The SVO-501 can be outfitted with a multichannel touchscreen datalogger b ith optional features available, including out-gas monitoring, remote monitoring for clean rooms, automated touch screen control, and data logginf of part temperatures.


  • Vacuum ranges less than 10 mtorr
  • Temperatures to -100C to +220C with thermal platen
  • 10 cubic ft workspace: 28.5″ W x 24″ D x 24.5″ H
  • 230V/1ph, 304 stainless interior

4.6 cu. ft.

Interior Dimensions WxDxH in.

18" x 25" x 18"

Exterior Dimensions WxDxH in.

26" x 36" x 65"

Temperature Uniformity

+/- 3.5% of setpoint








14 Amps


3 Aluminum


950 lbs.

Maximum Temperature

Ambient +15C to 230C