Laboratory Ovens

Laboratory Ovens - SHEL LAB SMO28G-2
EPS offers a wide range of laboratory ovens for general purpose applications, including curing, drying, aging and bake-out.

We provide lab ovens perfect for many purposes and industries including metallurgical, forensic applications, laboratory and research applications. From vacuum ovens to gravity convection ovens, you will find the right tool for your specific environment and needs as we understand there are many diverse applications for lab ovens, and we ensure an oven for every use.

Ovens for heating samples, for removing moisture, or changing chemical and physical properties, you’ll find them all right here, so contact us today!

Cascade TEK Benchtop Laboratory Ovens

Cascade TEK Large Capacity Laboratory Ovens

Cascade Sciences Drying Decarboxylation Ovens

Uniform temperatures, horizontal, forced-air convection and built-in moisture sensors make Cascade’s laboratory ovens for drying and decarboxylation of plant material effective for a wide range of drying, curing and baking applications. NRTL Certified. Includes fine mesh bags for drying or decarbing ground organic materials, powders.



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Temperature-Humidity ChamberSHEL LAB Test Chambers and Temperature-Humidity Chambers

SHEL LAB environmental test chambers and temperature-humidity chambers provide controlled environments for a wide range of industrial testing and biotechnological testing applications. Three different chamber sizes are offered. In each size, the test chamber can be purchased with heat and humidity control only (10 deg C above ambient to 70 deg. C), or with heat, humidity and refrigeration, for temperatures from 10 deg. C to 70 deg. C. Humidity levels that can be attained depend on temperature setpoint and ambient atmosphere. Chamber liners are all stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Other features include dehumidification and flat punched stainless steel shelves.

SHEL LAB Humidity Test Cabinets provide a controlled environment for a wide range of industrial and biotechnology testing applications. This line is designed to duplicate a natural condition, which allows testing the limitations of a sample when exposed to various temperature and moisture fluctuations.

Applications include Shelf Life Testing, MIL-SPEC Packaging, Component Burn In, Vapor Transmission, Stability Testing. Categories of equipment include: