Since 1978, EPS has been a world leader in application engineering and sales of industrial ovens and heat treatment furnaces. We represent only the top manufacturers for laboratory, industrial, medical and pharmaceutical environments.


We also provide design assistance for custom industrial ovens of any size or complexity, cutting edge control and monitoring systems, as well as today’s new heat treatment and vacuum oven applications. We look forward to helping you with your equipment needs.

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As a supplier of ovens and furnaces for a wide variety of laboratory, industrial, pharmaceutical and medical applications, Engineered Product Sales Corp. is proud to offer expertise and guidance to address heat processing requirements with our own solutions built by our fabricating partners. Our wide range of units, from standard curing ovens to batch and continuous units, serve both standard and unique customer requirements.

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We have built many different kinds of units over the years. If you have specific requirements, or an interesting application, let us help you design the perfect oven. Meanwhile, check out some of our past projects:

Industrial Annealing
Industrial Conveyor
Industrial Curing
Industrial Drying
Industrial Heat Treat

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