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Aluminum Aging Oven

  • Maximum Temperature: 800F
  • Electrically Heated
Composite Curing Ovens

EPS Ovens provides pre-fabricated and custom designed composite curing ovens tailored to your processing needs. Our ovens provide superior temperature uniformity, quality parts and construction, and reliability in performance making us the first choice in the industry.

146 Series Clean Room Mechanical Convection Ovens

Designed For A Wide Range of Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications in Laboratories and Clean Rooms

Including curing of materials such as silicone and coatings, moisture drying and various medical and pharmaceutical processes.

Continuous Curing Ovens

EPS Ovens, a leader in innovative heat process equipment, offers custom conveyor ovens for a wide variety of curing applications.

Aluminum Billet Preheat Oven

  • Continuous Aluminum Billet Preheat
  • Oven Temperature: 1200F
  • Gas Fired
  • Indexing Conveyor
Powder Coat Batch Ovens

Designed to meet your temperature requirements – electric or gas-fired.

Aluminum Solution Oven

  • Aluminum Solution Heat Treat / Quench Oven
  • Operating Temperature: 1100F
  • Electrically Heated
DC Series Clean Room Mechanical Convection Ovens

Designed for a Variety of Test and Production Applications

These units add more standard models to the 146 Series shown above for a wide variety of applications in laboratories and clean rooms.

Car Bottom Annealing Furnace

This car-bottom annealing furnace, designed and built by EPS for a large steel fabricator, is used to anneal large weldments, where the load weight can be up to 7500 lbs.

Computer Disk Oven

Used for Continuous Computer Disk Blank Annealing

  • Maximum Temperature 800F
  • Electrically Heated
Continuous Graphite Filament Oven

This is only one example of the type of drying oven EPS has been hired to manufacture in the past.

  • Continuous Graphite Filament Drying Oven
  • Temperature: 450F
  • Electrically Heated


Custom Clamshell Furnace

EPS designed this custom heat treating clamshell furnace for manganese steel rail production. This custom clam shell furnace is designed to take 20 tons of cast rails to 1900F and transfer them into a quench bath in under 1 minute, giving the rails the strength and ductility required.

Custom Granulation Dryers

EPS offers a wide variety of custom granulation dryers for a wide variety of pharmaceutical preparations, including:

  • Nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, etc.
  • Medicinal tablets and capsules
  • Capabilities to dry water and alcohol based preparations
  • Custom features to fit any application and loading configuration
Garment Processing Oven

EPS Garment Processing Ovens are designed to heat wrinkle-free clothing on racks with a gentle vertical downflow of air.

Hot Glass Oven

Designed for factories working with Hot Glass Applications.

  • Temperature 800F
  • Electrically Heated
  • Supplied with Custom Loading Truck