Shel Lab

EPS is fortunate to offer the most flexible, durable and reliable ovens on the market. We address laboratory, industrial and medical pharmaceutical markets, providing the best solutions available in a broad range of industries. Our Shel Lab units include many economical options too.

Shel Lab Forced Air and Vacuum Ovens

Laboratory Ovens - SHEL LAB SMO28G-2

Forced Air Ovens

Forced Air Laboratory Ovens and Forced Air High-Performance Ovens from Sheldon Manufacturing are expertly designed for a diverse range of industrial drying, baking, curing, outgassing, moisture removal and many other applications where consistency of temperature and uniformity are important.

svac2 vacuum oven

Vacuum Ovens

Shel Lab Vacuum Ovens are built with economy in mind without sacrificing performance. They feature highly accurate temperature control and gentle drying—perfect for heat sensitive materials. Each oven includes overtemperature protection and an easy-to-read vacuum gauge. Shel Lab Vacuum Ovens are also some of the most rugged vacuum ovens available today. Durability is achieved through a stainless steel chamber, plus, our double plenum design meets UL, CSA and EU safety requirements, while resulting in a cool outer surface.

Shel Lab Test Chambers and Clean Room Ovens


Temperature Humidity Test Chambers

Shel Lab Humidity Test Cabinets provide a controlled environment for a wide range of industrial and biotechnology testing applications. This line is designed to duplicate a natural condition, which allows testing the limitations of a sample when exposed to various temperature and moisture fluctuations. Test chambers are available in both standard and refrigerated configurations. Applications include: Shelf Life Testing, MIL-SPEC Packaging, Component Burn In, and Vapor Transmission Stability Testing.


Clean Room Ovens

Shel Lab clean air ovens incorporate all the special features needed for high temperature clean room work: a fully welded stainless steel interior, two adjustable perforated stainless steel shelves, rapid heat recovery, and two separate LED digital displays for time and temperature that show setpoint or up-to-the-second process information.

Shel Lab Gravity Convection Ovens


Gravity Convection Ovens

Gravity Convection Laboratory Ovens from Shel Lab have a triple wall construction and an adjustable air exhaust away from the heat source. These gravity convection oven provides a degree of uniformity comparable to most forced air ovens on the market.