Vacuum Ovens

EPS Vacuum Ovens
EPS offers a wide range of vacuum ovens from SHEL LAB and Cascade TEK.

Founded in 1970, SHEL LAB utilizes over 40 years of manufacturing expertise to aggressively innovate and design new products to address the needs of emerging industries. We consistently produce dependable and reliable equipment, designed for the most demanding environments.

Cascade’s vacuum ovens are manufactured in Oregon, USA and come Certified by the Nationally Recognized Test Lab TUV.  This certification is a requirement by many municipalities.

SHEL LAB Vacuum Ovens

Every SHEL LAB vacuum oven features overtemperature protection and easy-to-read vacuum gauges. Models SVAC1, SVAC2, SVAC4 come with a fully programmable Watlow controller. SHEL LAB vacuum ovens are equipped with silicone gaskets.

Cascade TEK Vacuum Ovens

Let EPS help you develop the most simple & efficient vacuum drying process for your parts. Ovens accommodate nitrogen/inert gas purging/venting, and come with programmable temperature control and digital overtemp protection. Ask about simple push button process automation, data-logging, out-gas analysis, traps or any other option you require.

Cascade Sciences Vacuum Oven Packages

Our turnkey TWO, FIVE and TEN Vacuum Purge Packages contain everything you need in Cascade’s most popular vacuum oven + pump + connection configurations.

Most packages include our MAX EVAP connection kits reduce purge and dry times with a full 1″ diameter, KF-25 exit port, lines, vacuum valve directly into a clean, oil-free, powerful pump.

Want Some Help?

Vacuum Oven Videos from CascadeClick Here to see videos from Cascade TEK about the ins and outs of using vacuum ovens.