EPS Industrial Ovens, Heat Treatment Furnaces and Lab Ovens

EPS has been a world leader since 1978 in application engineering and sales of both standard and custom industrial ovens and heat treatment furnaces, addressing a broad range of laboratory, industrial, medical and pharmaceutical requirements.  In many cases requirements can be addressed with standard ovens or furnaces like those below.

For those applications where custom industrial ovens are required, EPS provides design assistance and quotes for units that address customer needs, regardless of size or complexity.  No matter what type of oven they end up purchasing from us, our customers consistently praise our engineering expertise in providing the most appropriate designs for their applications.

We are proud to represent the following “standard,” economical and high-quality product lines.



Custom Industrial Ovens and Furnaces

EPS is a premium designer and distributor of batch and continuous custom industrial ovens, as well as more standard pharmaceutical ovens and heat treat furnaces. World-class service and comprehensive selection have made us a preferred sales provider globally.

We’re dedicated to providing high quality equipment for laboratory, industrial, medical and pharmaceutical applications.


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